Prom: A Night for Young Students

It’s that time of the year again everyone. If you have looked around downtown or a nice park and have seen young students wearing really nice suits and dresses, taking pictures near the water or the park. Then you have witnessed Prom Season.

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I remember the year I went to my senior prom, I was ecstatic that it was finally my turn to live this dream of dressing like a princess, going to the prom with that special someone and truly living that high school dream. As for my naive younger self, I knew I was going to be swept off my feet by someone from my school to ask me to the prom. However, the reality decided to wake me up and tell me that I needed nobody else but my closest friends to enjoy prom. Yeah, I was never asked out to prom 😦

IMG_2215Some advice that I would give to you girls (and guys, this blog is not just for girls) who are preparing for their senior prom.

  1. Try looking for your suit or dress at least 2-3 months ahead of time, this way to you can have some time to try on a variety of brands that fit your style and your body type. Play with different colours and shades.
  2. Don’t settle for the one dress or suit that you first see (I am guilty of this one ).
  3. Ladies do not buy the highest heel you can find, whether you picked a dress that was too long that you need that extra height to make sure you don’t trip on your dress. Think again, better safe than sorry bring an extra pair of flats or get your dress altered.
  4. I have never gone corsage/boutonniere shopping, however, you should order them  3-4 weeks ahead.         WED9-2T
  5. Guys, please please please tailor or get your suit altered. I like a guy that wears a fitted suit that doesn’t have a baggy or boxy look to them 😉
  6. In my clutch, I bought myself a mini -emergency from Pinch Provision and it saved my life throughout the night many times. You can buy one or make one yourself 20170605_001444360_iOS
  7. Have fun, make the most of your prom, even if don’t have a date to the prom


Be safe and have a happy time at prom everyone


Yours Truly


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