London and Paris Lookbook

Last month, my family and I took a week-long vacation in beautiful London and Paris. I will admit, I don’t travel often hence I have a problem with jet lag. Adjusting to a time zone is a struggle in it itself. Fun fact about myself, it takes me almost a week to adjust to a time zone properly. It is really sad but true. Nonetheless, the jet lag did not stop me from taking photos and exploring the beautiful cities.

Most of my vacation was spent in central London, looking at pretty museums that were free of charge ( who cannot pass that deal) and wandering the must see tourist attractions.  As much as I wanted to see all the tourist attractions in both cities, we only had a short time looking at the few big ones and I only spent a day in Paris.


Here this photo was taken near a market outside Convent Garden, I was amazed at the architecture and street performers that created an exciting tourist area to not only shop but to admire the beautiful courtyards you walk through in the beautiful shopping district. My face totally shows that I was annoyed, but truly I was trying to be candid until the wind made me eat my hair.


For this picture, I wanted to play with scenery and distance. Here I am wearing a Brandy Melville tank, Garage high waisted jean shorts, Nike Theas ( my favourite pair of runners at the moment, super comfy to walk in) and a Herschel backpack. The weather was fairly warm in London that day, but trust me some parts of the museum were easily 27 degrees Celsius. I do not remember what museum this was but it could have been the Louvre in Paris.


This photo is my ultimate favourite here in London (obviously everyone knows the Parliament building and Big Ben). I believe the best moments are ones that are unexpected and candid. Here I am wearing my all time beloved salt and pepper cardigan from Stitches, a black tee from H&M and a bralette from Victoria Secret Pink. Even though this outfit is not as elegant or mainstream as most posts that are usually seen on Instagram, I believe that being comfortable in your own skin and not trying to put a full face of makeup and curating the most stylish outfit is key to making my life simple and stress-free.


Lastly, this outfit channelled my inner minimalist with my favourite colours black, blue and grey. The pieces that I am wearing in this picture are: a Banana Republic sweater, Gap shorts, Vans leather slip ons, Call It Spring hat, Steve Madden crossbody and the Around the World watch from Urban Outfitters. I usually like to create my own laid back style but the minimalist trend was definitely on my bucket list to try out. I am glad I fell in love with this trend. Behind me is the Tower of London, it is most known for hiding the Crown Jewels and its haunting prison cells.


Although I did not take a ton of fashion photos, London and Paris is definitely a vacation that all girls dream of. From the luxurious architecture, fancy restaurants and of course shopping (which I did not do much of). London and Paris are checked off my list.


Disclaimer: I am sorry I have been away for a long period of time. Originally I wanted this post to be up 2 weeks ago but I have been focusing on my own personal priorities. Please understand my absence in this post. I will post more in the coming weeks with new content and lifestyle photos in the coming weeks




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