I can’t believe it is now August, it felt like the beginning of summer was just yesterday and now we are in the last month before school starts again(not trying to sound like a negative person, but it is true.) Summer is flying by and I don’t think I did anything productive or do all the summer things that I did when I was a kid. It has been too long since I wrote and I wanted to apologize that I didn’t have any content to write to you guys about or even put any new OOTDs on Instagram. Since I am still a novice blogger, I don’t have much in the way of new photos or new content to write about. With that being said, I am determined to create new content for you guys in the coming months.

I do have some very good news for all of, recently I came in touch with a brand that I truly fell in love with when they first launched. This brand is called VITAE Apparel. VITAE is a swimsuit brand based here in my hometown Vancouver. I reached out to VITAE and became an ambassador for them.



Here I am wearing the Athena set. I love how VITAE’s material is meant to stay on you while you swim, so you don’t experience an embarrassing moment of you suit falling off. Hurry while you can, this suit is close to selling out. I even have a surprise for all my readers, I have a discount code for you guys when you purchase a swimsuit from VITAE, use the code Gracely10 to get 10 % off your purchase.

I have more to come with VITAE and more blogs posts that are summer related. See you in my next blog post, just a teaser for you guys, my next post will be about pages bonded together with words written it (take the hint).


Happy Shopping and enjoy the first week of August everyone





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