DIY Heart Friendship Bracelets

Summer is the best time to explore arts and crafts, while most of us will be on our computers working ( or writing a blog post), I believe that having just one day to have a DIY craft day will surely make your day much more fun.

In grade eleven, I was obsessed with making bracelets out of yarn or coloured thread. I did not have my own supply of the two, so I decided that I would steal from my mom’s collection of yarn and coloured thread( I did have a scolding session with mother after that, always ask). One bracelet that I would always love to make is called the Heart Friendship bracelet. I would spend hours on end making these bracelets. Usually, it would take me an hour to an hour to two hours to make these beautiful bracelets, most importantly, they are so easy to make and shareable.


A memory I have with these bracelets are making them when I was having down time at summer camp and my friends would eagerly ask me to make or teach them how to make these bracelets. Here I will link a Youtube video on how to make these pretty bracelets.

Hope you guys will enjoy making this bracelet as much as I did.



Disclaimer – the youtube video is not sponsored

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