Back to School Fashion

We only have a few weeks left of summer ahh. I don’t what to think but to start preparing for the new school year. I have a few tips and my favourite items I use for school. I am now in my second year of university (crazy, now that you guys know my age.) That means I have responsibilities and a major/ focus that I study in school. As for my readers that go to school out of town, let me know if I should write another blog post on dorm essentials. As for myself, I am blessed to have two parents who support me at home (not trying to brag, but parents are a blessing to have and everyone should spend time with your parents every now and then.)

First off I am going to list out my favourite fashion items for the fall and winter because, in the first term of school and people that don’t want these seasons to come, it will become colder within the next two months. My friends always tease me that I am always overdressed, but I am one of those people that get cold easily and when I mean easily is it will be 13 degrees Celsius outside and I will be cold within the first 5 minutes. Unless you guys who live in the southern hemisphere and it will be spring and summer soon. Nonetheless, I will include all season outfits.

When it comes to fall and winter, layering is your best option, if you guys have seen my Instagram, you will see a pattern of me always wearing blue and black, a sweater and long pants. Over the years of getting to know my body temperature better, I found layering pretty camisole straps over a t- shirt or a thin sweater adds a hint of detail to your layering pieces. Another way is playing bralette detailing,  both these options are great. I prefer the tank top option because I like to have more coverage on my stomach area.



The top outfit includes a camisole from Garage and t- shirt from Aeropostale

Bottom outfit: Gilly Hicks Bralette and American Eagle Slouchy Tee

We all know that there is nothing better than just throwing on sweats and a t-shirt and a hoodie cause why not and we are all tired just from getting up for that 8 am class.


This is typically what I would wear on a school day when I really don’t give any thought process, and the sweaters feels like you are wearing a blanket. A little bit of comfort can go a long way when you are stuck in a classroom for 100000 hours. I have partnered with a streetstyle brand called MarqueeNoir to offer you guys a discount on the sweater that I am wearing or other merchandise. Use the code Gracelymodern and with every purchase you make a tree will be planted. If you live in the Toronto area, bring your used clothes for 10% your next purchase.

Details about this outfit is on my Instagram


Whether you are in high school or in university, I hope you guys will make the most of this school year.


Work Hard, Play Hard





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