Back To School Series : Stationary, Tools and Technology

This post was meant to go up in the beginning of September, but to be honest I had a lot of work to be done in the second to last week of August towards the second week of September that I really did not have any time to shoot or create any content for the blog or Instagram. In other words, I have found some time to edit this blog post. Bottom line is here are my favourite stationary products, tools, and software to use throughout the school year.

As the first week of a new semester as second-year university students, I am at the stage in my education where I would have to narrow down my major and thinking of where I would want to work in the future. My major is art management. From what I use in school, I basically work off of my computer all the time, however, I love to write things down when it comes to marking key points from my lectures and printouts from my textbook. A tip for all university students, buy your books used or print them out from the library. You will gladly save a huge amount of money in the near future.


I love my pencil case to death, sometimes I would bring my pencil case everywhere with me if I wanted to, but we all know that it is too bulky to fit in a purse. I am a huge sucker for mechanical pencils mainly because I love the feel of them and I did not have to bring an extra huge sharpener with me and lead is easily shareable with your classmates (if you are willing to share). When I was in high school, I participated in a seminar about “how to study better” one point that I took away from the seminar was how much I value my quad colour pen. Not only is it a pretty design, it really helps me highlight my own notes on what I need to work on and marking key points. Highlighter, pretty self-explanatory to pinpoint words or definitions in my booklet notes or my textbook. Sharpie, I mostly use for writing words on flashcards and eraser, you can figure it out.

Screenshot 2017-09-20 15.05.42

In terms of tools and technology, I don’t use that many tools for my school work, however, they are useful in the workplace. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel,  has been my mothership since I started working and in my first year of uni. I found myself using Excel or the Mac version Numbers. However, I prefer Excel because it is universal. I have always found myself making spreadsheets and using numbers. Excel is intimidating at first but in my first year, I had the chance to take a class on basic and intermediate knowledge of Excel. If you don’t get it for the first time, do not fret there are tons of online resources out there to help you out. I know tons of my friends majoring in Sciences that use Excel to complete their assignments.

As for the creative side of things, I love working with Photoshop mainly because it is very easy to use and makes photos that I am working with better quality.

So enough of me babbling, here is what I am going to use throughout this new school year. Hope you guys have a great school/ work year.

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