How To Look Appropriate in the Office

We all know at a certain age and or after post-secondary, we all know what comes after in this stage of life. Going out into the world and working (eww). Whether you work in a corporate, creative or freelance environment, we all know that looking put together and professional is one way to impress your boss and your fellow colleagues. I personally worked with a company that required me to wear a more corporate style while another company gave me the option to wear leggings however I still have to wear bottoms that are the colour black.   I am not going to post on this blog where I work but I am leaving it to you guys what field I work in. 😉

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In the corporate work environment, there is a lot of colour that could be used in your attire. A trend that I see in the workplace is the minimalist. My number rule for dressing yourself for work in a corporate environment is don’t go too crazy with prints and huge logos, leave those at home. Instead, try solid colour tops, structured cardigans and slacks.  I am wearing Gap slacks and blazer and my white button-up is from Banana Republic.

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Here is another top I styled with the blazer as well. Instead of wearing the white button up, I switched it up with a burgundy chiffon tank from Urban Planet.

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I am obviously way too happy here but here is what I would wear if I worked in a creative environment. Kudos to all you people working in this area. From what I heard my friends and family that work in this environment, you can basically wear anything you want as long as it is appropriate or business casual. Retail and arts organizations are examples that I could think of that accepts this dress code. Here I am wearing a button down from Gap (my favourite if you could not tell from my previous Instagram posts) paired with any coloured jeans or slacks would be suitable options.

IMG_3004 1

Last I will be covering the freelance, self-employed environment. When the idea of self-employment comes to mind I think of the freedom to have flexible hours, being your own boss and maybe working in your pyjamas ( which I am doing atm writing this blog post). Pretty much you can wear anything your heart desires, but if you are wanting to look not so “just got out of bed” outfit like myself, here is an outfit I created. I am wearing a Wilfred cardigan, Joe Fresh tank, Abercrombie jeans(not pictured) and a beanie from Urban Planet.

These are just my personal styling tips on all the areas I covered, as I would say to anyone, you be you and wear whatever your heart and brain thinks is right for work. I hope you guys all have a nice week and I hope to see you in my next blog post. Comment below on what you would want me to write about next or give me a shout on Insta. Say ya fam.



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