My Experience with Gel Extensions

If you have been following my Instagram for the last 3 months, you guys know that I have been wearing gel extensions. Throughout the 3 months, I have definitely learned how to live life with long claws. So today, I am going to share my journey including pros and cons of wearing gel extensions.


It was my first time ever getting my nails professionally done with gel believe or not and I did not watch any YouTube videos or even asked my friends for advice on having talons. On a bright sunny day in August, I walked into the doors of Prep Beauty Parlour to receive my first ever set of gel extensions. My nail tech at the time was so welcoming and did not hesitate to explain how she was going to apply this work of art on my nails. I showed my nail tech a picture on Pinterest of what my ideal nail shape would look like and the type of nail art I wanted. Prior my appointment, I cut my nails so that it left my tech a clean canvas to work with. As shown above, my first set was a baby blue colour mixed with a white base, black marble art and coffin shape.

So here are a few tips I give to first timers who are to getting gel extensions for the first time:

  1. Try and clean your nails as much as possible a day before your appointment
  2. Have Pinterest pictures on hand to show your nail tech your ideal design
  3. After the nail tech applies the gel build on your nails,  the moment your fingers get in contact of the UV or LED lamp,you may feel a burning sensation. Let me tell you, this feeling is alright. One way to get rid of the feeling right away is to pull out your hand for three seconds and then insert back under the light. Your nail tech will tell you  as well .

I enjoyed my new set a lot and it was so Instagram worthy, however growth on your nails catch up to you to in a blink of eye. This is where the up keep and fills come in. It is recommended that you should fill your nails every three to four weeks. What is a fill you might ask? A fill is when you get a touch-up or additive gel on your inner nail beds. Just like when your wear regular nail polish, your nails can grow right through the polish and some parts of your nail beds are bare. Gel extensions work the same way.


For my next fill appointment, I decided to not do nail art this time around, instead I chose a solid blush rose colour. This colour was a perfect transition for the season change. In addition, I asked my tech to shave the sides of my nails to give a more round shape to them. Up to this point of wearing the extensions, here is what I learned, including Pros and Cons.

  1. You should wash you dishes with rubber gloves. Now I have always been taught all my life to use your bare hands to wash your dishes. My nail tech was adamant that I should wear rubber gloves for the first two weeks of wearing the extensions for this reason ( warning , scientific language will be included in the next sentence.) In dish detergent there is an extra chemical that eats away the gel buildup that creates pre mature lifting. Lifting is when your fake nail(s) slowly detach from your natural nail.

Pro: The ability to open anything using your nails, for me it was opening my Pandora Bracelet, without scratching you nail colour

Pro: Taking absolutely beautiful Instagram pictures and having the extra glam and accessory to your outfit

Con: Putting on earrings and necklaces with a lobster claw clasp was mission impossible

Con: Buttoning up my pants… took me 3-4 minutes

Con: Typing on my computer, took me awhile to write a perfect

Con: Opening a can of soda .. was a hazard

Con: Writing with any writing utensil was so hard

This past September I got my very last fill and went with a crimson red colour that matched the falling leaves of Autumn. You guys can look on my Instagram for a closer look at them.

Up until, the second week of October, I decided that the best for my nail journey was to remove the extensions and give my nails a break. So today was the day I decided to take them off. I would definitely get nail extensions again. Here is a picture of what my nails look like now.



Leave in the comments below if you currently have you have any questions or comments on gel nail extensions. I will be posting more content in the meantime.


Love you guys forever




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