New Hair, New Me 

It is already November, time is flying by so fast. In the spirit of a new month, I decided to finally get my hair coloured and cut. My hair has never been treated, permed or coloured… basically my hair was virgin as it can get.

These past two weeks I decided to look for a new hair salon to change my look. After tons of research mostly from Yelp, I decided to try this hair salon called Lift Hair Lounge in Burnaby. I visited the salon in a span of two Fridays trying out two of their services, their Shampoo, Cut and Blowdry and Full Colour.

Last Friday when I visited the salon for the first time, it was the biggest decision of my life to chop off my long locks. My decision was a mix of peer pressure and mine. The peer pressure was mainly my dad just fed up with my long hair all over the floor and my own decision was to try to something new and my hair was really heavy at that point to maintain.


Here is my last picture of my long ass hair, at this point, it was the day before my exam and I was taking a quick break to relieve the stress that has been piling in my brain. My hair at the time was past my bustline.


Fast forward to last Friday, I met my new hairstylist Katie and showed her a few Pinterest pictures of the look I was trying to achieve. My session just took a little over 45 minutes starting from the shaving off the extra length that I wanted off, to washing my hair, cutting off all the excess hair and styling it. Voila, my hair was the healthiest and beautiful I have ever seen. It was the best service I have ever received in the salon in my entire life. My hair styled like this lasted for about 3 days, after that, I washed my hair and styled it straight.


Present day, this morning I decided what better idea to visit Katie again to get my hair coloured. I was her first client that morning and was ready for the change I have been waiting for since I wanted to get my hair coloured in the seventh grade. The session took about two hours from when she painted my hair to styled it. In this picture, my hair looks about the same before it was coloured but my hair is a warm brown with a hint of red to it.


I can honestly say this decision of spending 100+ dollars together for this change was dream come true and a way for me to start off early for next year. I would highly recommend my readers who are from or visiting Burnaby to check out Lift Hair Lounge. I hope my hair journey can inspire you to try new hairstyles and colours in the future


Happy Late Autumn everyone


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