Year End/ Winter Favourites

I really can’t believe it is 2018, it seemed like yesterday I was in Grade 10. Now a week into the new year, I have never been so blessed for everything that has happened in 2017. If you have watched my recent Instagram Stories, I have promised you guys that I would post my Year End Favourites. In this favourites post, I will include beauty, fashion, and some interior design items.




My first item is the beautyblender and let me tell you, this makeup sponge is life when it comes to blending and applying makeup. I recently bought the limited edition pink and white swirl and was gifted the light pink one for Christmas. Although the beautyblender is quite pricey, it was worth every penny for me to have one. In addition, I bought the cleaning solution with it, so my beautyblender stays clean all the time. Included in this picture is my favourite strobe stick from Maybelline and I have no other words to say than you have to try it yourself.




The second item is my humidifier from Homedics. I have suffered from a horrible 3 week cold and never got better. Recently it has been so cold that if I leave my house I would have a nosebleed. My dad recently bought a humidifier for my brother and I since our rooms are terribly dry and this was the trick that made our lives better.(side note I got re sick again, it’s still a big help.)



I have recently been gifted these amazing acrylic organizers for Christmas and can I say they make organizing my makeup a whole lot easier. These specific cases are from Muji and I could have not been happier. Prior to these new acrylic cases, I had these styrofoam cups that I had made in third grade and couldn’t find a place to use them. I have used them to hold my makeup materials for 5 years and just like any other teenager transitioning into an adult, I really hated the stryo at that point.



I couldn’t forget this item in my year-end favourites, but it had to be part of this blog post. My TNA Del Mar shirt has been a favourite of mine throughout the whole entire year. It is soft, warm and hugs you like a blanket when you need that extra boost of warmth. During the winter months, I would just wear it by itself and easily layer-able with a simple sweater. In the summertime, I would wear it as a sweater on top of a t-shirt or a tank top. This simple can be quite pricey, however, I will be going back to Artizia to grab a couple more.


Let’s go back to one of my earlier posts in September, the month where everyone is getting ready to go back to work and school. I have been in love with my grey Herschel Heritage backpack and have been carrying it with me everywhere I went. It was big enough to put all my school work and personal essentials ( cause every girl needs lip balm, hand lotion, and mints to get through their school day. ) Before I started blogging, I recently owned the mid-size Little America bag. It was a good size to have in first year when I had bigger textbooks to carry around and to carry my laptop everywhere. As I entered my second year, my Little America bag is still new and I still use it, however, the Heritage bag is great for everything on the go.


Now a week into the New Year, I hope to have more content for you guys and interact with every single one of you. As I head into my new co op position, I will try my best to keep you guys updated throughout the spring semester.


Happy New Year








2 thoughts on “Year End/ Winter Favourites

  1. Beauty blenders are an amazing makeup tool to have! I have so many. I love your makeup organiser as well! What a fab Christmas gift 🙂
    I would love for you to check out my latest post and blog 🙂 (I also have a giveaway you might like 🙂 ) xx


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