Words from my heart

It has been too long since I wrote on the blog and posted on Instagram, the fact of the matter is I have a full-time co-op placement in Vancouver. I nothing bad to say about my co-op experience and I hope to one day to be employed at the company that I work at. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you guys where I specifically work at because that is confidential on my end.

I just wanted to hop on and write about my experience so far as novice blogger now that I almost reached the one year point. As many of you are aware, I have an education background in business and the commerce world is always changing and evolving. A big part of a growing business is marketing your work.  Social media and creative content have been a huge trend that has impacted the blogging world and big companies. When I was choosing what company and area in business I wanted to pursue in, the first thing that comes to mind is creative marketing. Lucky for me, I have the best of both worlds of creating content here and for the company I work at. Now, most you know that I have a little over 300 followers and started blogging about 11 months ago, and you are wondering why I haven’t been creating more engagement or changing the way I should post on social media. I will be purely blunt and say that a lot of time, money and effort goes into creating beautiful content for you guys to read and enjoy. I recently had a short conversation with a blogger talking about her struggle with spending money just to boost her website. Now that I have a full-time co-op position, shooting pictures, editing and writing blog posts are based on my free time and I use blogging as a hobby.

Nonetheless, I love communicating with all of you and this doesn’t me that I am leaving gracelymodern, however I will be posting my ootds and writing to you guys from time to time and have that aspiration and place in my heart to grow the gracelymodern family even bigger and have more opportunities to work with brands.


Love you guys

– S

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