My First Trip on my Own

Hello my fellow readers, it has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog. If you have been following on my Instagram lately, I came back home with strep throat and airplane ear ever since on my way home from my first trip on my own. As gross as it may sound, let’s get to the good part of where I went, how long I was there and what was I going for. I have been planning this trip for a while and have saved every bit of my hard earned money to make this trip happen. My ultimate destination was Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Now I know what all of you are thinking, out of all the places I could have gone, why on earth did I pick Toronto? To answer it simply, my boyfriend studies at a university in Ontario and I wanted to go to Toronto because my dream place to work and live in is Toronto. Yes, I have dropped the bomb, I have a boyfriend and we have been dating for a year. Nonetheless, here is how my trip went.





The first day I was really nervous since I was travelling on my own. I have always been scared of airport security and I had nightmares leading up to the day when I walk through the room where you would be checked. To my surprise, airport security was much simpler than I thought. I boarded my plane and I travelled for four hours straight on the plane. As I got off the plane, I have never felt so lost and I didn’t know where to go. My first stop was going to Waterloo and I knew that it was a long bus ride to go from Toronto to Waterloo.  Let me tell you, just trying to find the Go Bus depot was so hard. Long story short, I never knew what the difference between Terminal 3 and Terminal 1, and that is where the GO Bus was located. I was picked up by my boyfriend in the end after searching for so long. I didn’t take any pictures in Waterloo, however, I did watch a movie and ate at a really popular place that most students go to in Waterloo. Oh, and did I mention Chatime.



Post Waterloo adventures, my boyfriend and I travelled to downtown Toronto, the place I would love to live and work in the future. I was finally in a state of happiness that I was travelling on my own with my boyfriend and visiting a place I have always wanted to travel to. I was definitely jetlagged and still wanted the day to rest, however, that didn’t stop me from going out to a club the first night. I had made up my mind that the first nightclub I was going to visit was UNIUN nightclub. For all my Toronto readers, yes I decided to go there because it was recommended by a video I watched on YouTube.I have never gone clubbing before other than the odd college party I went to my first year, but this was different.  My boyfriend is an avid club goer and showed me the ropes of having the best club experience I was going to have. Being my young naive self, I thought it was a great first-time experience and no I didn’t get drunk, but that didn’t stop to me from getting Phò to calm down my body from all the noises I collected.




My second full day in Toronto was spent exploring Toronto, mainly Distillery District and downtown. As much as the CN Tower is a huge tourist attraction, I honestly did not want to spend half an to an hour in a tower, but to explore the outdoors. I know my friends are going to hate me saying this and all of you people who love your memes will laugh at me for this but “I like trains”. I am dead serious, ever since I was a kid and now as an adult I love trains and anything train like. Recently, blogto( not sponsored) posted about a Japanese restaurant that served sushi using the conveyor belt/bullet train system. Dragging my boyfriend to the restaurant was a struggle but I was a happy camper eating my favourite food and looking at the miniature trains delivering food. If you guys want to check out the restaurant, it is called  Hana Sushi and it is very close to College subway station. Distillery district was our next stop and it reminded me of Granville Island back here in Vancouver. My favourite part was taking part in the LOVE lock art in the middle of district Since it was our first anniversary, we thought it would be appropriate to take part.



Niagara Falls was the next stop on our list. To be honest, I did find there wasn’t a lot to do in Niagara Falls and with my budget, there were only a few things that I could do without breaking the bank. There were numbers of activities that I enjoyed, one being on a cruise and travelled the falls and our favourite, spending 2 hours playing in an arcade. It was all fun until I got strep throat… that was the sad part of my day trip.


The last few days were mostly spent in Toronto and sleeping until noon to just make feel well rested and somewhat in the best shape to travel home. To make me feel better, I decided to try the Instafamous salon in Toronto, Her Majesty’s Pleasure. I wanted to try their drinks so bad, however, since I was ill I decided to just go with my gel manicure. Even though I was a bit late to my appointment, their service was the best and I enjoyed every part of my experience with them. If you guys ever visit them, they are located on King Street near Portland St.


I do have to say on my flight home, that’s when my condition got worse and stayed at home for two weeks in bed. Pro tip for all of my readers who plan to travel to Toronto,  pack an equal amount of summery and fall clothes. Being a Vancouver girl, I did not realize that there are frequent weather changes and that flat landscape can make you think twice about what you wear. Take vitamins, drink lots of water and get lots of sleep prior to your journey and last but not least, don’t be afraid to ask people for help if you are lost. There are a lot of friendly people on the street that can help you out in your travels.


Well, I hope you like my lengthy blog post and if you plan to travel or even live in Toronto, I would love to hear all of your feedback on what I should do next when I travel back.


Love you guys so much


-Grace (SC)


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