Two Must Have​ Sweaters for the Winter

It is here, the cold, dry and if you are from Vancouver the wet season of the year. Yep, it is Fall and Winter time. I recently went shopping this past week with my mom and bought new clothing items that I wanted to share with you guys on this blog post.

The teddy coat trend was too good to pass and I am going, to be honest, I was having major FOMO over this warm, fuzzy (I must say) piece. After looking at different designs and window shopping, I finally found my dream coat from Uniqlo. It fit so well and it’s a piece of clothing that is versatile and can go well with any outfit. My favourite outfit to put together with the teddy coat is a pair of black jeans, a grey sweater and black booties like you see down here.

Another way of styling this teddy coat is with a simple blouse and a pencil skirt. This outfit I have put together would be a great party outfit whether you are heading to a bar or a Christmas party. I love to wear this draped over my shoulders for a more elegant and chic look.

The teddy coat is a favourite piece of mine that I could wear all day every day however, there is another layer I love to wear in all of my outfits if I wanted to. You guys guessed it, my H&M oversized turtleneck sweater.

In addition to this simple everyday look, I love dressing up to the 9s, simply because I love sparkle and glamour around this style. I call this outfit the “Aritzia employee.”  I chose to name simply because it looks like an outfit that could be styled at Aritzia and I have seen some employees sport this cute winter look.

My wardrobe is looking a whole lot better with these two basic pieces. I hope you guys stay warm this holiday season.



2 thoughts on “Two Must Have​ Sweaters for the Winter

  1. The teddy coat is sooooo popular these two years !!! and I have the same one from Uniqlo, can’t love them more. I really love your second outfit with the turtleneck sweater and basic jeans, it looks just soooo Vancouver, and definitely agree with the “Aritzia employee”, my friend worked at Aritzia before and dressed up like this almost every day:)

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