What Is In My Bag 2018

Hello my fellow readers, hope you are had a fantastic weekend. I know what you are thinking of a day like today the Tuesday blues and another day on the work grind. Totally agree with you, but I think I could make your Tuesday a little better with a peek into my bag. That is right, this blog post is about q  “What Is In My Bag”. 

First, off the bag, I carry on a daily basis, and I wear this bag religiously, and some of you have seen it on my Instagram. This bag is from Steve Madden, and unfortunately, I do not know the name as it was gifted to me. A lot of my friends have commented on my bag, and some have said it looks very similar to the Céline micro luggage tote ( which by the way, another purse that I have on my wishlist) and it’s the best size purse I could have ever received. On the outside, the purse has a pocket that I don’t really use. Mainly because if I stuff the pocket, the shape of the bag starts to look weird.

Moving on to the interior,  the purse has a side zip pocket and two open pockets. Now all of your girls have to agree with me that you cannot live without this in your purse, as for me it’s a total must-have. I store my feminine products with every size possible, yep that I am proud of that because you never know when you are going to need one or your friend needs one. In addition to the pads, I have my Tide to Go stick because I am a total slop and my favourite Tea Tree, Lemon Lip balm to keep my lips from cracking cause I hate cracked lips. 

The side pockets are another must have that I loved about this purse and I seriously could not live without. What I put in these two compartments are my mophie, because my phone runs out of juice fast and my other compartment is a nail clipper. Ok, yes I know what are you thinking ” Samantha out of all things in your purse, a nail clipper is essential?” To answer your question, it is a BIG YES. I hate, hate, hate having that one or two hangnails on your cuticle and it gets caught on everything in site. OMG, so to solve my problem, a nail clipper to relieve my stress and pain. 

Alright, the fun part now. The interior of the bag is my life and holds all of my essentials when I go out. First, off one thing I cannot live without and it is impossible to leave your house without your wallet. I use to carry a big wallet that would take up the entire area of the bag and was terribly heavy to carry it around all the time. Recently, I have been carrying my new wallet that is smaller and stores everything I need, this is my Coach Poppy wallet. It’s not entirely new, but it is a wallet that I love and has my cards and cash to use. Next, I have my keys, it’s pretty self-explanatory why it would be in my purse pretty much. My earphones are when I just want to block out the outside noise on transit, facial tissue for when I need to blot my face and nose, mints sunglasses because I have sensitive eyes and my coin purse ,cell phone and my new favourite hand cream for the holidays in Bath and Body Work’s signature holiday scent Vanilla Bean Noel. 

I hope you guys keep warm this holiday season and let me know what is inside your bags and remember to follow me on this blog and my Instagram. I see you guys in my next blog post on Friday 



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