Primark Haul

Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored


For those that have not read my last blog post, I recently went to London and Paris and if you know me well, I love to shop. Just putting it out there I shop a lot and when I mean a lot, basically every 3-4 weeks. It is ridonculous ( and yes I meant ridonculous).  I would say it was the second to last day of my trip in London and I remember my mum would not stop talking about this huge retail store called Primark. What is Primark you may ask? Primark is similar to an H&M and an inexpensive version of Topshop. I will say I wanted to crazy in that store but I had to keep under my budget otherwise,

  1. I will have a hard time stuffing all the goodies in my tiny suitcase
  2. I would get “dinged” in customs for overspending

I curated some outfits that I bought from Primark and used some clothing items that I already had at home.


This outfit brings out my own style and: fit, classic and laid back. I am that girl that could wear leggings all day every day if I wanted, but sadly the world does not work like that. The highlight of this outfit is the lace camisole. I love this cami because of the preppy shirt like material and the ladylike lace that adds elegance to this piece. I styled the cami with my TNA leggings and Vans leather slip ons. I would wear the outfit to run errands in or a for a lazy day at home.


My second outfit I would call “High Tea/ showing all my skin……… ( i don’t usually like to show this much skin) outfit.” Recently the off shoulder trend has swept through the fashion nation and girls are going crazy for it. I am guilty that I have fallen into this trap of the off the shoulder look.  In my defence, it is a really cute trend that is perfect for the summer. The off shoulder top is from Primark, white jeans from H&M and the heels are from Call It Spring.


As you can see I am very happy to be in this outfit :). If I were to describe this outfit in one word it would be geek. I have loved Harry Potter from when I was 10 years old and never got sick of the series. I am a proud Hufflepuff that is loyal and kind to all people.The shirt is from Primark, pants are bought from Garage and white Converse on my feet.

All of these tops are from Primark and they sell trendy items for an affordable price. This store is another stop to go to when in London. I will definitely come back to shop more there. #notsponsored

Hope you guys are having a wonderful summer, follow my Instagram for more posts. I will be posting more content in the coming weeks. Spoiler alert, my next post will be about swimwear. 😉




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